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Excelent, but....

The strap is excellent, awesome quality. However, I find the copper X too big and heavy, hitting the camera body. It's good for the looks, but still not my perfect strap. I'll probably sell.

Great way to customize my silver X-T5 with my favorite film simulation

Bellissima cinghia artigianale

Niente di meglio per la mia Fuji, cinghia ben fatta con logo annesso. Fa la sua bella figura. Great job!

Black-Olive Acrylic Camera Strap
Simon Croom-Hollingsworth
Really love this.

Excellent quality strap, it is a perfect addition to my camera. Comfortable to hold and wear and looks so cool, even got a compliment about the strap.
Easy ordering process and arriving by the stated time. Thanks

Looks great.

Looks great. Fits well if you leave out the included rubber ring. I couldn't mount the release button with the rubber ring. The thread of the release button is a bit too short for that.

Silver Acros Hotshoe Cover

Understated and subtle, a nice accessory/ bling to the camera without making it gaudy or tacky. I think the bronze would look gorgeous on a black camera body, I have the silver on a durasilver Xpro-3 and wish they had a silver version that's more champagne to blend in more with the durasilver's tone, but that's just me nitpicking. All in all, I think it's a beautiful accessory.

Comfortable Wrist Strap

Beautiful quality as always, wrist strap is comfortable and sturdy the flat leather looks fantastic when braided

Well crafted and sturdy rope strap

The olive colour matches the aesthetics I was aiming for with my OM-1 film camera. The strap itself is thick and sturdy and is very well crafted. It's clear the creator is skilled at making this item. In hindsight I wish I had opted for the Peak Design clip as a more secure and convenient option. I have replaced the keyring with a small carabiner which works better but is not ideal.

Superb Quality

Loving my Tartan strap - super quality and strong bindings


Perfect quality and a good price

Nice also on film cameras

The bronze color matches nicely with the classic tartan camera strap

Great Strap, Great Value

Excellent price for a high quality rope strap – perfect length. Just what I needed for my X100V. Good communication from customer service.

Personalized Black/Red X Straps

The B&W tiled is striking

Logo Straps
Purchase a costly mistake

After only about a month of light use, when I put my strap over my shoulder the two part quick release/swivel mechanism came apart and my Fujifilm X-T5 and the attached 90mm lens fell to the floor, damaging the lens. I emailed Hyperion about the incident and received no response.


Fantastic product and great value 👍

Great as usual!

This is my third Hyperion strap and the first one in leather. Very well done, minimal and perfect for my needs

Royal Mail never delivered

Royal Mail never delivered, I kept rescheduling and in the end they sent it to one of their post offices, when I went to pick up it wasn’t there any more… so can’t give accurate review

I liked it, so I repurchased it!

I attached it to leica q-p.
It looks good on the matte black body.
Both sides are gray.

A wonderful workmanship!

I was looking for a strap to match the vintage leica m3.
This strap looks good on you.
It's perfect!

Eye catching, well made

The straps are great for grabbing and holding on to (i dont like the thin ones that come with many cameras). The tiled white straps are eye-catching and visually appealing, perhaps not for everyone.

Nice and practical item

Use it on old rangefinders and is not only looking great but also great to signal the loaded film speed like on a Nikon S2

Security around my neck

With my camera safely secured by my comfortable Hyperion neck strap I never worry about it accidentally falling. The strap is so beautifully made that it adds a note of refinement to my gear.


Such a well crafted hot shoe cover. Made of brass and feels incredible. Looks so so so good and would go well on any camera body. Fits very very well. I added a bit of electrical tape to the underside to make it a bit tighter. I love it!

Incredible Strap

This is my second strap from Hyperion. Quality as usual is incredible. The strap is thick and comfy while still being soft and bendy to be able to compact the strap into a bag or wrap it into a wrist strap. Best straps for the price. Looks amazing while being strong, cheap and handmade. Couldn’t recommend more!