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Customers Reviews
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Personalized Black/Red X Straps

The B&W tiled is striking


Fantastic product and great value 👍

Great as usual!

This is my third Hyperion strap and the first one in leather. Very well done, minimal and perfect for my needs

I liked it, so I repurchased it!

I attached it to leica q-p.
It looks good on the matte black body.
Both sides are gray.

A wonderful workmanship!

I was looking for a strap to match the vintage leica m3.
This strap looks good on you.
It's perfect!

Eye catching, well made

The straps are great for grabbing and holding on to (i dont like the thin ones that come with many cameras). The tiled white straps are eye-catching and visually appealing, perhaps not for everyone.

Nice and practical item

Use it on old rangefinders and is not only looking great but also great to signal the loaded film speed like on a Nikon S2

Security around my neck

With my camera safely secured by my comfortable Hyperion neck strap I never worry about it accidentally falling. The strap is so beautifully made that it adds a note of refinement to my gear.


Such a well crafted hot shoe cover. Made of brass and feels incredible. Looks so so so good and would go well on any camera body. Fits very very well. I added a bit of electrical tape to the underside to make it a bit tighter. I love it!

Incredible Strap

This is my second strap from Hyperion. Quality as usual is incredible. The strap is thick and comfy while still being soft and bendy to be able to compact the strap into a bag or wrap it into a wrist strap. Best straps for the price. Looks amazing while being strong, cheap and handmade. Couldn’t recommend more!

Well made, could use a heavy duty ring

Love the strap. The attachment ring is thinner than I would prefer.
The camera is heavy and could use a heavier ring.

my experience

the product was simply great and delivered on time. perfect experience - thank you !!

Bronze Fuji Soft Release Button
Jean Philippe Di ascia

Bronze Fuji Soft Release Button

Bronze Fujifilm Soft Release Button, An Stylish Accessory

This retro-designed, 90-year Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd., is a perfect accessory, beside identifying Fujiflm’s 90th Anniversary, for my new, x100VI compact digital camera back in

Never received it. Out of town and local Post Office returned it before I could pick it up.

Did not receive it.

Bronze X Guccilicious Camera Strap

The optional lengths offered guarantee a 'fit for purpose'/comfort. Beautifully made, sturdy but soft, comfortable around neck, shoulder, or wrist. Woudn't look elsewhere: tempted to buy a range for different camera types. Highly recommended.

Another nice product by Hyperion Camera straps

Depending on camera type to be used with or without rubber ring for best fit. Great design and quality like we expect from Hyperion


Everything is perfect. Very strong!

Great strap and choice of length

Great service and on time delivery. Great strap and happy to buy again.

Excellent camera strap

Functionally and aesthetically great camera strap and a perfect companion for my Fuji cameras. Enjoying the quick connect feature as well. Bravo!

Tiled Black/Red Camera Strap
Best Camera Strap I’ve Ever Had

It’s comfortable to use, strong, secure and doesn’t get twisted or tangled.

Love this key chain

Functionally and aesthetically great. And blue and white cord remind me of the Aegean Sea!

Personalized Black X Straps
Johannes Spohnholz

I just got my all-black-strap for my black Fuji X100F and it's absolutely gorgeous. Great quality and masterful craftsmanship. I'm totally happy.

Silver Acros Hot Shoe Cover
Silver Acros Hot Shoe Cover

Great quality, fast shipping, excellent communication!!!