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It looks cool and comfortable to use. Thank you!


Loving my custom length camo piece.

The color ist not the same as in the Foto.
Never again

Its been over a month and a half since I've placed the order, and it still hasn't arrived.

An all time Classic from the range of Hyperion Straps!

Another great strap from Hyperion. Strong, good looking and a great match for my Fujifilm X-Pro3. See my full review here:

Great strap and cool color ❤️💚

Vintage look and excellent craftsmanship!

Very well made, shipped promptly, sturdy

A little large for my X-Pro 2 camera body but they work well and feel secure.

I bought this as a shoulder strap having previously purchased a similar wrist strap a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately the quality of materials on this one are not as good as my previous one.

The strap is thinner and not as soft to the touch.

OK for a basic, cheap, strap but a shame that quality seems to have suffered.

I did report this but no one bothered to reply.

There fall strap on my E-M1. As always great straps for all seasons.

Simplemente perfecta! A mi Fuji XPro3 le termina de dar el toque vintage que la distingue

first use of this metallic quick release clip with my leica M.
A simple walk in Paris. No stress. And baam ! My Leica falls to the ground ! The rangefinder is out of adjustement. The clip is unsecure.
I will never buy such a f… clip.

Excellent classic, the Bordeaux binding fits great. A very, very reasonably priced adding to a Leica camera.

This the best of both worlds: The strength of the leather plus the fashionable look of the flat strap!

well made
looks good

Didn't get my package and no information about the shipping. Had to cancel my order after over 3 weeks without information!

nice and well built, I use it even with a medium format camera without problems

The colors of this Olive / Grey strap intrigue. Where good photographer encouragement will highlight having the camera out and ready for use, the colors of this strap attached to that ready-to-use camera will inspire, getting me out the door image finding and image making. Which camera will this strap go on? Thanks for this possibility and what a camera strap can offer. Good schtuff!!

Again, thank you Hyperion for this strap. I very much like the colors of the tiled Black / Olive camera strap. I have not yet determined which camera it will be attached to – either my Canon 5D Mark III or my black Olympus e-m5. We’ll see.

Thank you, Hyperion for the choice you bring to straps for my cameras. The strap colors, as much as anything, encourage me to get out the door and begin looking at the world through my camera and lens. Good. The grey-white camera strap suits my silver and black Fuji X100f camera. I find that the strap locates the camera on my body in terms of being positionally aware of where the camera is as I move to photograph. The strap is used in one of two ways. It’s either around my neck with a hand on the camera, or, I have the strap wrapped around my wrist/hand to guard against dropping it. Good. I’m glad I found you.

Exactly what I wanted - secure, understated, easy to attach. The Leica loves it — and so do I given I no longer have to hand hold the camera or have it swing off my shoulder. Wish I had found Hyperion sooner

Absolutely love it! The neck strap is very comfortable and this is not a good thing - it has caused me to look at more cameras.... Looks like a TLR next? Oops... Well at least i know where to get my next strap from!