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Black Acrylic Camera Strap
Branislav Zivkovic

Black Acrylic Camera Strap

As promised!

Gorgeous and good quality strap.


I love my camera strap! the craftsmanship is impeccable. I love the length, it allows me to wear my camera across my body. The thickness makes me feel like my camera is well support and the colors make it an attractive accessory to boot.

Thank you so much!

Excellent strap.

I have been using this strap on my Fuji X-Pro1 and it is the perfect strap for the camera. It doesn’t get in the way as some straps do and looks great.

Checkered Olive/Black Camera Strap

Black-Yellow Camera Strap

Was a gift, son very happy with it.
Looks good, works well.

Good as always

Over the years I ordered quite a lot neckstraps and wriststraps which are all still in use. I was satisfied every time. In my opinion Hyperion Straps are the best bang for the buck.

Excellent vendeur

Great strap

Looks really nice, and it's vegan, which is hard to find!

Really like the camera straps this guy makes!

The straps are awesome!

Dark Grey Acrylic Camera Strap

Nice looking, excellent quality!

If it can include small leather piece or use ring with plastic cover to prevent the ring to scratch the camera body, then it will be perfect!

Leather wrist strap

This is very useful and allows for free photography away from the neck strap. I'm going to order some more products here.

Beautiful and well made strap

Love the strap. Great looking, well made and functionally perfect. Definitely stands out among the crowd.

Fantastic strap

Amazing strap, particularly for the price. Not sure where you’d find better.

Great quality fashionable camera strap

Black Acrylic Camera Strap
Christian Steffl
Very good Camera Strap

I am glad i bought one.
High quality Camera Strap.

Great Straps

I use a wrist strap on all my cameras to limit the chance of dropping it. Also for security purposes so someone can’t just grab and run. These straps are the best that I’ve found. They look great and are very strong.

much easier to use

very happy with the quick release system although I always have a hand under neath. if you really want photographer to buy your straps; I'd think about a way that you'd attach the strap by screwing into the inset at the bottom where you attach a trepieds


It was a gift to my daughter, I almost didn't send it!! lol! that's how much I like these keychains, in fact I ordered 2 more!

Orange-Black Acrylic Camera Strap
Βάσια Σκυλακάκη

Orange-Black Acrylic Camera Strap


Fully fulfilled my wishes. Very nice handmade strap, amazing quality.

Black-Olive Acrylic Camera Strap
Gonzalo Fernandez iglesias

Nice and strong

Great quality

Solid feel really high quality